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Shower Organization Ideas To Maximize Space

The shower is one of the most highly utilized small spaces in our home. As such, it can easily become cluttered and unorganized, strewn with empty conditioner bottles, washcloths, slivers of soap, and maybe even a bath toy or two (or twenty). The good news is that getting and keeping this space clean and organized doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Here are a few tips that can help you to make the most out of your small shower space.


It sounds obvious, but always begin the process of organizing by going through and throwing out anything in the shower that’s empty, broken, used up or supporting its own ecosystem (like that loofa that’s been sitting in the corner of the tub since 2009). Have items in your shower that you don’t use on a weekly basis? Consider removing these things and storing them under the bathroom sink (for under the sink storage tips, click here).

Shower Caddy

Now that you’re down to items used on a regular basis, it’s time to organize. Typically the quickest shower organization solution is to hang a shower caddy underneath the shower head. This maximizes the wall space while storing shampoo and conditioner bottles, body wash, soap, razors, etc. But as you pull your products out of the caddy, you might notice the caddy shifts and slides around which can make using the caddy inconvenient, resulting in the bottles ending up on the shower floor or side of the tub again. If you have this issue it’s an easy fix — simply attach suction cups to the back of the caddy to secure it to the wall.

If your product bottles are too tall and interfere with the shower head, or you don’t like that the products in the caddy end up wet from the spray of the shower, install a coat hook or cabinet knob on the opposite wall from your shower head and hang the caddy from that hook!  With this method you can hang several hooks and several caddies, giving you even more organized shower storage space.

Corner Basket

Instead of or in addition to a hanging shower caddy under the shower head, you can attach corner baskets in the nooks of your shower. These corner baskets typically work best for smaller shower essentials like wash cloths, bar soap and razors. While some corner baskets can be mounted with hardware, you can also use suction cups for a less permanent solution.

Hanging Shower Baskets

You can achieve maximum storage for minimal time and money by placing a tension shower rod lengthwise along the back shower wall, and hang shower baskets from the rod using shower rings or zip ties. When you hang your shower rod, just be sure you leave enough space between it and the wall so your baskets have enough room to hang. And be sure that you use baskets with small openings on the bottom so any water can easily drain out. If you share a shower, everyone can have their own personal basket so shower products don’t get mixed up. A tension rod with hanging baskets is also a great solution for storing or hanging wet washcloths, back scrubbers or exfoliating sponges — allowing them to easily air dry.

How to clean a shower 3

If you have kids, you could hang the tension rod and baskets low on the wall so you can easily reach bath toys during bath time.  And kids can reach the storage baskets too — so they can help put their bath toys away when bath time is over!

Shower Dispensers

Ready for a more permanent storage solution? Consider installing shower dispensers. These tend to work especially well for larger families who are okay with using the same shampoo, conditioner and/or soap. And shower dispensers could save you money, as many people tend to take a smaller dollop of shampoo, conditioner or body wash from the dispenser than they would direct from the bottle.  Dispensers also provide a great shower organizing solution if you prefer to purchase megabottles of shampoo or conditioner from bulk stores.

How do you organize your shower? Or maybe you have another cleaning or organization tip for the bathroom? Either way, share your tips on the S.O.S Facebook page with the #SOSWhoKnew hashtag. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, too!

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