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Under-Sink Storage Solutions

Do you store cleaning tools and products under your kitchen or bathroom sink?  If so, you know that small space can easily become a jumbled mess of bottles, rags and boxes. But it doesn’t have to be that way… here are some simple under-sink storage solution ideas to help keep this area organized so you can quickly and easily find the cleaning tools and products that you need.

Time to organize
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  • Organize your cleaning products by building vertically to maximize that space under your sink. Place a tension rod or a short curtain rod horizontally to suspend spray bottles by their trigger lever. Voila — now you have more room on the bottom for other supplies!
  • Utilize the back of your cabinet by installing shelves.  For a less permanent solution, use stackable shelves. This solution works especially well great if you have a tall, narrow space.
  • If you have a wider, shorter cabinet, arrange some of your cleaning products on a Lazy Susan.  Just spin to find the product you need!
  • Dishrags and rubber gloves can get lost underneath bottles, cans and buckets.  Make these tools more visible and accessible by attaching hooks on the cabinet doors.  Or, hang your dishrags and rubber gloves with binder clips.
  • Another way to maximize the space on the inside of your cabinet doors is to use over-the-door organizers to hold sponges, and other small products and tools.
  • Looking for a Saturday morning project? If you have a wide cabinet, installing pullout drawers creates easy access to reach items in the back.
  • Store tall bottles, spray cans or other tall and narrow cleaning tools in light weight magazine organizers, keeping them organized and within easy reach.
  • Using a large and easy to read font, label your buckets, containers or shelves indicating what is to be stored in that space (this shelf for sponges, this container for brushes, and so on)

under the sink
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Your cabinet doesn’t have to be a sea of bottles, cans, sponges and old dishrags. Organizing under the kitchen sink not only looks visually appealing, but also saves you time by ensuring the tools and products you need are at your fingertips.

How do you organize under the sink? Or maybe you have a cleaning or organization tip for another part of the house?  Either way share your ideas on the S.O.S Facebook page with the #SOSWhoKnew hashtag. Don’t forget to follow S.O.S on Facebook and Pinterest, too!

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