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Simple Summertime Tips For Keeping The House Clean (Even With Kids Around!)

It’s true, cleaning the house with kids around can feel like raking during a tornado. Here are some simple tips to help keep your house clean (or at least clean enough…) during the long summer days when kids are home from school. ⇒ Eat as many meals and snacks as possible outside. Let the squirrels… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning 101

Spring is a wonderful time – the weather gets warmer, birds chirp and flowers bloom. But it’s also when we begin to notice all of the household chores that have been piling up over the winter. For many of us, our kitchens, bathrooms, windows and backyards spent the winter ‘hibernating’ under layers of clutter and… Continue Reading

Building a Home Cleaning Schedule

We get it. From driving the kids to school and getting to work in the morning, to running errands and cooking dinner in the evening, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. And as we prioritize our day-to-day activities it can be easy to put house cleaning on the backburner. But whether… Continue Reading