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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Some of the most challenging messes are made in the kitchen – from removing grease stains to scrubbing out kitchen garbage cans.  You need a tough tool to keep things sparkling clean.  Look no further than S.O.S® Steel Wool Soap Pads and Non-Scratch Scrubbers.  Learn how to clean pots and pans and also check out other unique ways that S.O.S® soap pads make cleaning even the most difficult messes quick and easy.

  • Make aluminum, iron and stainless steel pots and pans sparkle
  • Power through crusty baked-on food from casserole dishes, baking pans and cookie sheets
  • Brighten up flatware and serving utensils
  • Make cutting board clean-up a snap
  • Degrease stoves, ovens, broiler pans, oven racks and range hoods
  • Eliminate coffee and tea stains from your carafe and porcelain mugs
  • Remove sticky tags, labels and glue from jars
  • Make kitchen garbage cans look like new again
  • Easily clean non-stick cookware and other delicate surfaces with Non-Scratch Scrubbers