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Ten Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

When Halloween season comes around, there are typically two types of people. The first kind spends weeks decorating the house and preparing elaborate family costumes. The second grits their teeth, hoping every time they check their email they won’t see an invite to any kind of party that requires them to come in costume. Do you happen to fall more into the second category?  Fear not, this blog is for you.

Here are 10 simple, quick and easy costume ideas for even the most reluctant costume party-goers:

1.  Put on any jersey you own and use black eyeliner under your eyes to become a professional athlete. (If you’ve got big kids with seasons worth of uniforms in the closet, this could be your chance to get another use out of them!)

2.  Buy a few packs of Smarties and a box of safety pins. Pin the small candy bags to your jeans and rake in the compliments as people figure out you’re a “Smartie Pants.”

3.  Put on your favorite red shirt or dress. Cut out a few circles from black construction paper and tape them on.  Bam, you’re a ladybug.

4.  Invest in a cheap witch’s hat or cat ears headband. Pair them with anything black you have in your closet and no one can say you’re not in costume.

5.  Own a flannel shirt and jeans? Buy a straw hat, use eyeliner to give yourself freckles and instantly you’re an ‘old-timey’ farmer. Pigtails add a nice touch. Those with short hair can make pigtails out of yarn and clip into hair.

6.  Speaking of pigtails, wear them with anything baby pink or baby blue and carry around a teddy bear. Instant baby costume.

7.  If you have a white sheet hiding in your linen closet, drape it over your shoulder and tie around your waist for an easy toga. (And prepare yourself for chants of, “Toga! Toga!” as the party ramps up.)

8.  Wear the sparkliest, fanciest dress you own and create a sash out of crepe paper. Buy a dollar store tiara and instantly you’re a beauty queen. Great way to get a second wear out of last year’s New Year’s Eve outfit!

9. For women (or men!) – tie up the bottom of a white button-down shirt and pair with black capri pants. Add a scarf around your neck or tied around a ponytail and you’re a “50’s girl.”

10. For men (or women!) – put on a black shirt and pants with sunglasses for an instant bouncer costume. If you want to go all out (which we know you probably don’t…), put on a dark suit with those same sunglasses and suddenly you’re CIA.

Hopefully, these quick and easy costume ideas will make the season just a little less stressful. And speaking of less stress, don’t forget to keep a box of S.O.S® Soap Pads on hand to make sure Halloween clean-up is quick and easy, too. We’ll handle everything from pumpkin-shaped cookies stuck to your favorite pan, to zombie face paint running down your shower walls, to a neighborhood’s worth of dirt and leaves stuck to your plastic flip-flops after Trick or Treating! S.O.S makes tough clean-up jobs look easy. Want to see more unique ways you can use S.O.S both indoors and outdoors to clean up around your home, garage, workshop, and patio? Click here!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Do you have a favorite quick and easy costume idea?  Let us know in the comments below or on the S.O.S Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too!

7 Responses to Ten Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

  1. Wear several layers of different patterns and colors of gray. And scarves and jewelery if you have it.
    If you have gray make up, put different designs on your face. Instant 50 shades of grey..

  2. Big straw hat. Plaid shirt. Old jean capris and straw glued to cloth and fastened on to ur capri leg opening and sleeves of shirt. Now u have a scarecrow.

  3. Go to Walmart an grab a pile of different gray paint template’s(whatever they are called)an staple them to a gray sweatshirt bam
    50 shades of gray

  4. Color one eye socket completely black, put a letter “P” on the front of your shirt. You become a black-eyed P!