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10 Easy To Make Halloween Treats

Ahh, Fall. That great time of year when kids head back to school, leaves change colors, and everything is suddenly pumpkin-spiced. It’s also the season for one of our favorite holidays – Halloween! Here’s a list of themed goodies that are both simple to make and fun to eat. As you know, here at S.O.S, we are all about making life easier. (That’s why lab tests show that our Soap Pads have more soap, last longer and clean faster than Brillo pads!)

10 Simple To Make And Fun To Eat Halloween Treats

    1. Grab a few pretzel sticks and miniature peanut butter cups. Turn the cup upside down, stick in the pretzel and voila – you’ve made a witch’s broomstick.
    2. Peel a banana and cut it in half to make ghosts. Add chocolate chip mouth and eyes.
    3. Draw a ghost face on a string cheese wrapper
    4. Peel an orange and stick a tiny piece of celery in the top to make a ‘stem’
    5. Add candy corn to your favorite store-bought snack mix
    6. Wrap a juice box in white or green duct tape (available from any craft store) and use a permanent marker to give it the face of Frankenstein or a ghost.
    7. Turn your favorite sandwich cookie into a spider. Remove the top of the cookie and place eight pretzel sticks into the cream for legs. Replace the top and use frosting to ‘glue’ on two candy pieces for eyes.
    8. Buy an edible marker (available at most craft and party stores) and draw a skeleton face on a large marshmallow. Serve on a white stick for the worlds easiest skeleton ‘cake’ pop.
    9. Add chocolate cookie crumbs to pudding and pour into a clear plastic cup. Top with candy corn pumpkins for an instant mini pumpkin patch.
    10. Draw a jack o’lantern face on an orange

Do you have any favorite halloween snacks or treats? Share them in the comments below or on the S.O.S Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too!

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