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S.O.S® Non-Scratch Scrubbers can help save money says “Bless Their Hearts Mom” blog

S.O.S® Non-Scratch Scrubbers are your pots and pans best friends!

By Bless Their Hearts Mom blog

I am so happy today to bring you a NEW product from a company you know and have loved for over 100 years: S.O.S – the nation’s #1* soap pad brand!  With more and more people using non-stick, stainless steel and other premium cookware (more delicate surfaces that aren’t recommended for traditional steel wool pads), the S.O.S brand has developed a solution to ensure no one is denied the scrubbing power of S.O.S.

New S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are disposable scouring pads made from synthetic (abrasive polypropylene fibers) scrubbing fibers, instead of the traditional steel wool,  that are safe to use on non-stick coatings and other delicate surfaces. With the scrubbing power of S.O.S and even the same trusted soap built right in, an evening’s worth of caked-on cookware is no problem! Non-Scratch Scrubbers also come in handy for crusty casseroles on fine china, lipstick stains on delicate stemware.

These scrubbers are pretty amazing! You really get some great scrubbing power- we’ve used ours for baked on cheese and marinara sauce, baked on bbq sauce and even just to clean the oils from saute pans, with great success! I was actually pretty amazed at how well they work! And best of all, you can use them multiple times- we’ve found it takes about 4 good uses to get all the soap out of them, and then you can still use them to scrub with, you just don’t have as much power without the scrubbing soap. But since they last more than 1/2 uses, they save you money! You’ll love them as much as we do, after you try them!


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