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S.O.S Lemon Steel Wool Pads

Lemon Scented Steel Wool Pads

S.O.S® Lemon Fresh Scent soap pads have the scrubbing power of our regular steel wool soap pads, but with a fresh lemon scent. Made with tough steel wool and filled with long-lasting lemon-scented soap, these soap pads make cleaning quicker and easier.  Just wet the pad and scrub, indoors or outside. Our lemon-scented steel wool soap pads eliminate tough messes like baked-on food, grease, grill residue, hard water stains, auto grease and more, letting you enjoy the sparkling clean results. Take cleaning to a new level with S.O.S Lemon Fresh Scent steel wool soap pads!

  • Lemon-scented and reusable
  • Grease fighting soap built right in
  • Cuts through baked-on food and greasy messes
  • Eliminates rust, soap scum and hard water stain

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