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New S.O.S® Non-Scratch Scrubbers easily cleans grill and more says “Mommies with Cents” blog

New S.O.S® Non-Scratch Scrubbers Review

By Mommies with Cents blog

Barbecue season is almost here!  I can’t wait!  I love it when my husband grills and not just because that means I don’t have to cook dinner.  He’s really good at it!  The only think I don’t like when he grills is that he often runs off with my kitchen sponge to clean the grill with.  The sponge doesn’t do a very good job and then it’s ruined.  I got him a grill brush for Christmas but it was a wire brush and he insists that it can’t be used on his grill. Ok, fine.  I finally have the solution and I even tested to make sure it worked.

The nation’s number one soap pad brand for nearly 100 years, S.O.S. has just introduced a new non-scratch scrubber, a sister to the traditional steel wool pads the brand is known for.  These new scrubbers are disposable scouring pads made from synthetic fibers that are safe to use on non-stick coatings and other delicate surfaces. Perfect for Teflon pans, fine china, dishes with baked on food and stemware with lipstick stains, the S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are available at select grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide beginning this month.

I received a few packs and told the Hubs I’d clean his barbecue, his baby that needs a delicate touch.  I had no idea what I was actually signing up for.  When I opened the lid I knew I had my work cut out for me.  It obviously didn’t get cleaned at the end of last season and I question whether it had ever been cleaned at all! Yikes!  I put in a lot of time and elbow grease and with the help of S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers, I think the grill is ready for some sunny days and a good meal.

Mommies with Cents

I cleaned all the grill grates and the outside of the barbecue with the scrubbers and it’s in MUCH better shape though still not perfect. There’s some rust on some of the edge grates but there’s only so much one person and a powerful scrubber can do and I for one was pretty impressed with the results.  Afterwards I cleaned the porcelain sink which was a complete mess from the grill grates.  The scrubber worked great on it too!  I’ll be keeping these on hand for jobs that require a good scouring  and now I won’t have to worry about scratching anything up!

S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers Product Details

  • S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are made from abrasive polypropylene fibers instead of the steel wool found in traditional S.O.S pads.
  • This scratch-free scrubber is soft on hands with the convenience of S.O.S soap built right in – simply wet the pad and scrub.
  • S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are infused with the same soap that S.O.S consumers have trusted for almost 100 years.
  • S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers can be used multiple times and are available in 4-count and 8-count packs.
  • Prices: $2.59 for a 4-count pack and $4.49 for an 8-count pack (pricing is at sole discretion of the retailer).
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A complimentary product/service was provided for this review, however, all opinions expressed are my own.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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