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“Mom and More” blog loves the versatility of new Non-Scratch Scrubbers!

No more scratch marks thanks to S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers!

By Mom and More blog

I admit I wash my dishes either in the dishwasher or with a scrub brush mainly, but they don’t always do a good job.  I remember my mom swearing by S.O.S scouring pads but the problem was my dishes would get all scratched up when I used them.  Don’t get me wrong they worked great, just a little too great on my new pots and pans.

Well S.O.S has come out with a product that is perfect for all those non-scratch coated pots and pans!  S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are disposable dish-scouring pads that are tough enough to tackle life’s greasiest, burnt-on messes yet gentle enough on the delicate surfaces like non-scratch coatings.

Some features of the new S.O.S. Non-Scratch Scrubbers:

    • Made from abrasive polypropylene fibers instead of the traditional steel wool found in S.O.S pads.
    • Soft on hands so your hands don’t get cut up
    • Conveniently has soap built right into them – just wet them and start scrubbing
    • The soap infused in them is the same soap that regular S.O.S users are used to
    • Each pad can be used multiple times


Now I have only used the S.O.S. Non-Scratch Scrubbers on my kitchen pots so far, but after looking at the S.O.S website I am amazed at all their suggestions.  They are such a versatile little product that can be used throughout your whole house, and without worry they will scratch the surface!

      • Brighten up wheels
      • Renew golf clubs
      • Rescue BBQ Grills
      • Clean up patio furniture
      • Remove water stains
      • Degrease oven racks


I can’t wait to use these little blue pads throughout my house and tackle some cleaning projects I have been putting off.  They make scrubbing so much easier and without all the pressure you’d have to apply otherwise to attempt to clean something. They are small but powerful and with the soap built right into them it can’t get any easier!


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