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Introducing S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers!

S.O.S® Steel Wool Soap Pads have been around for almost a century. And while we’re incredibly proud of how well S.O.S Soap Pads have withstood the test of time, some types of cookware have evolved over those 100 years. For example, today there is non-stick, enamel and anodized cookware, and because traditional steel wool pads aren’t recommended for these more delicate surfaces, we knew we needed a solution so no one would be denied the scrubbing power of S.O.S. The result? An exciting new addition to the S.O.S family – S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers! These gentle-touch scouring pads are made from synthetic scrubbing fibers rather than steel wool, so they are safe to use on non-stick coatings and other delicate surfaces. With the scrubbing power of S.O.S and the same trusted soap built right in, an evening’s worth of caked-on cookware is no problem – simply wet the pad and scrub.

S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers are designed to tackle life’s greasiest, burnt-on messes with the scrubbing power you expect from S.O.S, yet gentle enough to safely scrub even the most delicate surfaces. So go ahead and serve your gooiest casserole on fine china. And fear not if your sautéed onions defy the term “non-stick” and scorch themselves resolutely to your favorite Teflon® pan. S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers have got you covered!

We are incredibly excited for the launch of S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers, and hope you will be too. They are now available in 4-count and 8-count packs at select grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. For even more information on these new cleaning powerhouses, click here! Happy scrubbing!

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8 Responses to Introducing S.O.S Non-Scratch Scrubbers!

    • We’re sorry you are having trouble finding the Non-Scratch Scrubbers! They are available at most Walmart stores as well as many other grocery retail chains… but if your favorite store isn’t carrying them, let the store manager know you want them. That often is all it takes.

  1. Love these scrubbing pads. they work just like SOS pads but no rusting when not used for a little while. Love them.
    Need more info on where to find them since I found one package only at Walmart and they never have had them again.

    • We’re sorry to hear this! The Non-Scratch Scrubbers are available at most Walmarts and many grocery retail chains, but if your favorite store isn’t carrying them be sure to tell the manager you want them! That can make all the difference.

  2. These are difficult to find, but they are my favorite pot scrubbers. They do a great job, and don’t rust. I like them way more than any steel wool or other type of scrubbers. It is also great that they are made from 100% recycled materials for those of us who care about the environment and recycling.

    • If these are not on the shelf of your local Walmart and you would like them to be, please let the store manager know!