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Fun & Easy Indoor ‘Staycation’ Ideas

The holidays are a distant memory, but spring still feels far away. This is the time when winter can begin to feel a little long and dreary. So why not beat the winter blues with a fun family ‘staycation’? Five-star resorts and tropical destinations are great, but memorable family moments can also be found in the comfort of your own home – no passport required.

Here are 5 different ‘staycation’ ideas to try:

1. Go camping in the living room (or the family room, or the basement…). Dig out the tent and sleeping bags and set them up indoors! While we don’t recommend starting a campfire in the living room, campfire favorites like hotdogs and s’mores can easily be made in the microwave. Buy some glow-in-the-dark paint and let the kids make paper stars to hang on the walls (once the paint is dry, of course!). Or pick up some glow sticks from the dollar store, turn out the lights and tell each other spooky ghost stories. Novelty fishing games, campfire songs and an indoor scavenger hunt can complete the camping experience.

2. Turn the bathroom into a water park. No, we don’t mean flood the room with soapy water and turn it into a giant slip n slide (no matter how fun that sounds). But outdoor water toys like bubbles, baby pools and water tables are extra fun this time of year because they’ve been tucked away since summer. Lay out lots of towels and break out the water toys. Little ones especially will love their indoor ‘water park’. And best of all, no sunscreen required!

3. Open a 5-Star restaurant at your kitchen table. Let the kids choose their favorite fancy attire. Whether that means party dresses, bow-ties, princess gowns or superhero costumes – the dress code is totally up to them, and parents must adhere to it! Prepare ahead of time a few kid-friendly meal options and create paper menus with paper and crayons. Extra touches like appetizers and special beverages add to the fun (think frozen cheese sticks, soda, chocolate milk, etc. And maybe umbrellas in the drinks?) And don’t forget dessert! A fun restaurant name makes it even more memorable. Combine your last name with “Ristorante” and voila!

4. Build your own adventure course. Kids love obstacle courses, even simple ones. With your oversight (so you can keep things age appropriate and safe), challenge them to make a course around the house jumping on pillows, crawling under chairs and cartwheeling over blankets. Grab a stop watch and see how fast they can conquer the course! Complete the adventure park feel with themed snacks like soft pretzels and popcorn.

5. Enjoy a spa day. No luxury resort is complete without a fancy spa (and don’t think for a second this is just for the girls. Boys deserve to be pampered too!). Invest in some kid-friendly products for facials and pedicures and snack on bite-sized sandwiches and fresh fruit. Or whip up some yummy smoothies to sip! Then invite your kids to wrap up in a towel and lay down with cucumbers on their eyes. Maybe mom and dad can sneak in some rest, too!

Some might argue that the best part of a vacation is having all the cooking and cleaning are done for you. Well, we can’t give you room service and housekeeping, but here at S.O.S®
we can make clean-up as easy as possible. From pots and pans to shower walls and stovetops, S.O.S pads scrub away dirt and grime in record time, giving you more time to ‘staycation’ with the ones you love.

Do you have a winter ‘staycation’ idea? Share it in the comments below or on the S.O.S Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too!

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