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S.O.S Vs Brillo Showdown

S.O.S Steel Wool Pads Box
Brillo Pads Box

The Challenge is on!

What happens when you compare S.O.S® Soap Pads to Brillo® Soap Pads? Lab testing shows that S.O.S® Soap Pads last longer, have more soap, and clean faster! See for yourself - watch Shannon and Brenda compete.

Ready! Set! Scrub!

S.O.S® Soap Pads Last Longer!*

What will happen when Shannon and Brenda go head to head to learn which soap pad will last the longest? Watch and see! On your mark, get set...GO!

S.O.S® Soap Pads outlasted Brillo® Soap Pads by over 1,000 scrubs!*

*Based on laboratory testing

S.O.S® Soap Pads Have More Soap!*

Watch as Shannon and Brenda square off to see which soap pad has the most soap! Who will have to reach for the detergent bottle first? Let the scrubbing begin!

S.O.S® Soap Pads have 23% more soap than Brillo® Soap Pads!*

*Based on laboratory testing

S.O.S®Soap Pads Clean Faster!*

Who will get to the finish line first? Watch as Shannon and Brenda race to finish a sink full of the greasiest, messiest dishes! Who will win? Let's find out!

S.O.S® Soap Pads require less scrubs than Brillo® Soap Pads to clean burnt on messes!*

*Based on laboratory testing

Take the Challenge Yourself

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