The Shadow

When you compare Brillo® Soap Pads to S.O.S® Soap Pads, there’s just no comparison.

The lab results are in, and S.O.S® wins by a landslide! Check out the videos below to see how S.O.S® stacks up!

*Based on laboratory testing

S.O.S® Soap Pads
outlasted Brillo® Soap Pads
by over 1,000 scrubs!*

S.O.S Last Longer

S.O.S® Soap Pads have
23% more soap than Brillo®
Soap Pads!*

S.O.S Has More Soap

S.O.S® Soap Pads require less
scrubs than Brillo® Soap Pads to
clean burnt on messes!*

S.O.S Clean Faster

Across the world, dirty pots and pans lurk within grimy kitchen sinks. When you want quick and easy cleaning, always reach for S.O.S® – the proven and mighty soapy superhero!

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